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Willy Karam

580 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Willy Karam 580 days ago
  • Need inline_entity_form in core first?
Willy K
  • We could potentially run a sprint on this at NYC Camp this year
993 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Willy Karam 993 days ago
  1. Long Term Roadmap and funding objectives (Willy to setup commerce implementation setup, and we can link to NYC Camp or DA acct -- likely the latter)
  1. Development Update: Recap of development progress since DrupalCon Austin
  1. Other Modules: Status of the various other modules
1171 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Dave Reid , Willy Karam 1171 days ago
Dave R LSD Breakout session
Willy K
Dave R
  • Michael Myers, LSD lead
  • Wesley Deglise, European Commission
Willy K
Dave R
  • Griff Phillips, University of Oxford
  • Site Manager CMS
Willy K
  • The team has identified media as an area that's an area where the features are a b
Dave R
  • Chuck Fishman, Acquia 
Willy K
  • In CMS audio/video editing has been a media feature of other platforms, would be nice to allow this sort of functionality through media related modules
  • Seeing lots of competition in the media space 
Dave R
  • Willy Karam, Acquia
Willy K
  • Focused on helping to mobilize/aling the media team/efforts
Dave R Current needs? User stories?
Willy K
  • Europan Commission considering building out some custom functioanlity in order to meet their use case/needs
  • e.g., Need to be able translate images/video captions in Drupal
  • Some aspects of the files were classes, as opposed to fields and so couldn't be tranlated (as an alternat approach created a new entity type)
  • In D8 this has been fixed
  • e.g., Need support for revisioning functionality in Drupal
  • e.g., Need for more granular publishing controls (e.g., to upload media, w/out publishing)
  • e.g., Need for increased integration of view with media browser
  • Dave encourage to use latest release, or looking at Views Media Browser
  • e.g., Ability to browse remote media repos
  • Happy with the current ability to embed media inline via WYSIWYG
  • Happy w/Scald abillity to create new media types and render modes (e.g,. inline videos vs downloads, etc.)
  • Oxford feedback, strategically working to determine wheter to use media as a file repository or just for traditional images/videos, or conversely
  • Team is missing ability to see different media libraries based on access controls (e.g, access to a view that's limited to a particular department -- e.g., finance vs accomodation dept)
  • Dave Reid mentioned potential to integrate File Revisioning module for D7 
  • ATM much of the team is handling their media and manipulation outside of Drupal
  • VDAB opted to use YouTube integration as opposed to media, since they needed to accomodate some users, access restrictions and video transcripts for accesibility
  • Dave mentioned that focus ATM is on supporting Title/Alt tag translation
Dave R Drupal 8 Plans?
Willy K
  • Dave mentioned that in D8 the initial aim is to allow 
  • Dave mentioned that he's delivered support for MediaMosa, and ability to integrate other remote repos
  • Dave mentioned user story submission functionality on DrupalMedia.org and encourage attendees to submit stories
  • At NYC Camp team came together  
  • Entity Picker: Aim to allow for browsing a various media entities, a somewhat more abstracted approach to incorporating alterna media-related initiaves
  • Entity Embed: Aim to solve many issues relating to embedding entities, relies on the concept of formatters (anthing that's available as a formatter can be used to display the embeded entity -- e.g., image styles/formatters, etc.)
  • Interest in backporting for Drupal 7, but nobody has stepped up to do this
Dave R Todos:
  • Override image style derivatives per file

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