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Dave Reid

565 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Dave Reid 565 days ago
Media Initiative D8 Long-Term Dave thoughts
Dave R
  • What do I think an MVP looks like?
Better re-use of concepts and components in core - 8.2.x
  • Loosen up TypedData to make it easier to run arbitrary data through field widgets and formatters - would help allow more re-use of technologies in Entity Embed and Entity Browser. Needs investigation.
Support audio and video HTML 5 out of the box - 8.2.x
Entity Embed in core - 8.3.x?
  • Need to make selection configurable (simple selection vs file upload vs entity browser)
  • Make Entity Embed experimental 
  • Would be helpful to decouple FieldFormatters from requiring TypedData field definition. The current solution is a bit hacky.
URL Embed in core - 8.3.x?
  • Filter, field formatter for URL field, and CKEditor button
  • Need to complete the module in contrib first
  • Add support for converting links when pasted into CKEditor
  • Provide ability to configure embedding options
Entity Browser in core - 8.4.x?
  • Need inline_entity_form in core first?
  • We could potentially run a sprint on this at NYC Camp this year
The glue UI to help bring it all together with nice UX - 8.4.x?
  • User Stories
  • As a user, I want embed embedded media by URL in my WYSIWYG (via copy/paste or CKEditor button) so that I can create an enriching experience.
  • As a user, I want to upload audio and video files to my site and have them show up so that I can create an enriching experience.
  • Concerns
  • We lost our goal being able to re-use field widgets through everything (entity browser & entity embed).
  • Making a View a field widget for entity reference fields
  • Need to investigate re-using field widgets and formatters easier without actually having actual fields. Typed Data makes this super difficult in D8.
  • I still think files are files (make them fieldable), but remote media doesn't need to be represented locally for MVP
  • Involvement
I would like to be still involved in architecture, guidance and development, but I feel like my time is limited. I would like to make this my last hurrah to see it in. My current bandwidth to dedicate time is only about 5 hours per week. I need to figure out how I can make client work for Lullabot work with this effort. And family.
845 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Dave Reid 845 days ago
Dave R Something about how the Embed button has been fully abstracted and both Entity Embed and URL embed now require and make extensive use. An upgrade path was created for existing Entity Embed buttons to be converted automatically.
Entity Embed
Entity Browser
863 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Dave Reid 863 days ago
Dave R File Entity Drupal 8 port
Base module (file_entity)
  • UI for adding, editing, deleting files
  • Multiple-step workflow for adding files
  • Permissions for file
  • Replace functionality on the file edit form
  • Revision support
  • @todo Figure out strategy about file replacement when revisions are involved.
  • Migration/Serialization/Normalizer/Search support?
  • API support for methods on the file entity object itself
Dave R
  • Pathauto integration should not be necessary - Pathauto in D8 should be content-entity-agnostic and provide automatic support for all content entity types.
  • file_entity_fieldable: Adding file types and fields on files
  • Support for adding fields to files
  • File types
  • Default file types (audio, document, image, video)
Split into separate modules:
  • file download widget and callback (file_download)
  • html5 audio and video formatters (??)
  • fallback display logic into an abstract field formatter (fallback_formatter)
  • Unknown if this can actually be used to manage the file display in D8 since there is not a real field to configure with the fallback formatter.
1171 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Dave Reid 1171 days ago
Wim L
  • I think it's important to agree upon a syntax early on. "Just URLs" is bound to cause problems, because a URL cannot live on its own in a HTML structure (block vs. inline elements). It'd have to live in a <p> element (and CKEditor would automatically create a <p> element, for example), which is not desirable because a video might want to sit at the same level as other paragraphs and therefore shouldn't be wrapped in a paragraph itself. So, something like <oembed>URL</oembed>, where <oembed> always represents a block-level HTML element. I don't think there are examples of oEmbeds that when rendered result in an inline HTML element?
Dave R
  • This isn't really related to what I was thinking for a normalizer - see the below example.
  • It would be kind of nice if pasting a URL in the WYSIWYG would get converted to the embed code syntax and have a nice preview ala Wordpress.
  • Wim Leers I think this is the part you'd care about here ^
  • Basically, if the user pastes an URL in the WYSIWYG like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ  we should be able to turn it into an "embed" using the HTML syntax listed at the first part of the "Embed components" section.
993 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Willy Karam 993 days ago
  1. Long Term Roadmap and funding objectives (Willy to setup commerce implementation setup, and we can link to NYC Camp or DA acct -- likely the latter)
  1. Development Update: Recap of development progress since DrupalCon Austin
  1. Other Modules: Status of the various other modules
1245 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Dave Reid 1245 days ago
Easy to add a new provider or configure enabled providers? Yes
1163 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Dave Reid 1163 days ago
Dave R 2014-10-14
  • Agenda
  • Goals
  • IRC Log
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  • scheduled tweets

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